Blooming Murder*

“We’ll be home in an hour,” Mum says when she calls at 5.14pm.

“OK,” I say.  “I’m up at the cows.  I’ll see you when I get back and…”

“Look after my baby,” Mum says.  She means her orange fluffy grandson.

“Haven’t seen him,” I say.  He’s been out all day – visiting his Other Friends no doubt.

The cows are on the far side of their field when I make it there this afternoon.  So, it’s not a great photo but here’s the evidence that have trudged up to see them and back:

On my walk, also see:

1.  One of the red kites circling overhead.

2.  One white cat.

3.  One Siamese cat.

4.  One golden Labradoodle called Teddy.

5.  One Sheltie.

6.  Three crows.

7.  One wood pigeon.

8.  Two blackbirds.

Have been missing Seb a lot today and feeling sad about him.  My severe grief reaction to the end of our relationship is ongoing.  Am still crying about him for about two hours per day.

Now am sitting in the garden with the panther.  He is grooming himself: rasping his flank with his rough tongue. 

 The fluffy monster is lying under the table on the terrace, so have been kneeling down on the paving stones to achieve the best photo.  Not that any photo could do him justice, of course:

Am sitting next to the spotty petunias.  Show you.  Know you have seen them before, but they’re so pretty:

“Hello darling,” Mum says when she arrives home – addressing the cat, not me, of course.  Had better post this and go and talk to her…

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.  

Happy Friday everyone!
*1994.  By Jean Hager.  A floral country house mystery set in the Ozarks.


  1. Tara · July 30, 2016

    My mum used to treat out dog like a much loved, sometimes preferred, child too. Hehe. Sorry to hear you’re still so very sad. Can you call Seb and talk to him or would that make it worse?

    Liked by 1 person

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