The Lawnmower Man*

It’s four o’clock this afternoon when I set off to visit the cows in my sleepwear and fit flops.  There’s a feeling of it’s-about-to-rain in the air.  Let’s see if can make it there and back before a downpour, I think.  The panther pads down the road beside me on soft paws: his head draws level with my waist as we cross the road.

A chap is mowing his garden and there’s the thrum of a lawnmower and the rich scent of manure as we approach the farm.  Opening the gate, I see that the cows have moved to the first field we’ve come to.  Still have to climb the hill as they’re right at the back in the top right hand corner.

Three wood pigeons take off from the grass.  At the top of the hill, we turn right and follow the fence to the back of the field, where the cows and calves are all standing in a group.  Here they are:

The panther stands beside me, gazing across the barbed wire: his amber eyes fixed on the calves.  He’d probably like to get in there and feast on one of them, I think.

Now am back at the parental home, writing this in the fluffy monster’s bedroom.  He’s out patrolling or spending some time with one of his other families.

Other achievements of the day include:

1.  Push self very hard at Spin this morning – see attached photo of outfit.  My device shows my effort level in the 90s a lot, with an average effort of 87%.  Show you:

2.  Wash self and hair.

3.  Shell the peas.

4.  Start reading The Great Fortune – book 1 of Olivia Manning’s “The Balkan Trilogy”.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1975.  By Stephen King.  Science fiction short story.

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