The Glass Sided Ants’ Nest*

A wood pigeon coos.  In the distance there’s the rumble of a lawnmower and the roar of an aeroplane as it flies overhead.  Am sitting in the garden with Mum and the panther.  No sign of the fluffy monster at present.  It’s 5.29pm.  The panther drapes himself across the stones of the terrace and rasps his flank with a rough tongue.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Push self hard at Spin – see attached photo for outfit.  Although can’t work as hard as did yesterday.  Show my instructor yesterday’s graph with all the sections of over-ninety-percent-effort and he says: “It’s not good for you to go over ninety so much.  Try and stay in the eighties.”  So I do.

2.  After Spin, walk into village and back in failed attempt to buy a third artichoke.  The greengrocer doesn’t have any.  At least found two at the farm after Spin, so we will have to share those between three of us.

3.  Wash self.
4.  Go out to lunch with Mum and some of her chums.  We’re able to sit outside, which is nice.

5.  Do the Body Scan a couple of times when can’t sleep this afternoon.  It’s still good to Rest and Meditate, even if don’t sleep.

6.  Read some more of my book – The Great Fortune by Olivia Manning: Book One of “The Balkan Trilogy”.  Am enjoying it a lot.

7.  Observe the flying ants congregating on the grass to breed:

“They just come out on one day a year to mate and then they die,” Mum says.  “You’d better take a photo for the blog.”

8.  Find this spider’s web in the front garden:

Happy Friday everyone!
*1968.  By Peter Dickinson.  Book 1 in the Detective James Pibble mystery series.  Crime fiction novel.


  1. eileen · August 5, 2016

    It was lovely to see you today.

    Liked by 1 person

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