Fly Away Home*

Sitting on the bus with the panther after a hard day at The Office.  He lies on the floor, resting his head on my feet.

Made way through lots of Important Work today and now am exhausted and looking forward to returning to the flat, cooking my artichoke and The Omelette and watching the Olympics.

My previous personal trainer came to meet me for lunch, which was nice.  She’s returning to live Abroad tomorrow.  Was good to see her.  We went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen and had felafel and salad.

It’s cold on the bus: the air-conditioning is on, a bit too strongly.  People chat in different languages on their phones.  

Wonder what Olympic delights my television will have for me tonight, I think.  Have been taking my Clonazepam and there are some twinges of anxiety still, but it’s dampened a lot by the drug.  So that’s good.  Work and public transport do tend to produce the wren of anxiety, so she’s bound to be fluttering around in the background, despite the drug.  Am just grateful that I’ve brought her more or less under control.

The attached photos are boats and Canada geese on the canal where I alight from my bus.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1996.  Coming of age film starring Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin directed by Carroll Ballard. When Amy (Anna Paquin) finds a clutch of abandoned eggs, she must raise them and teach them to fly and fly them home…

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