Killer Hair*

8.32am.  Have been sleeping since 9pm last night and have just awoken.  The combination of Clonazepam, Promethezine and lurasidone is working – at least in terms of helping-me-get-a-night-of-sleep.  

Now am sitting up in my bed in the flat.  Can hear a breeze rustling the leaves and a scraping sound which may be someone sweeping the ground.  Sunlight streams through my net curtains.  It’s peaceful here.

Will see my trainer at the gym at 10.30am and then jump on the train back to the parentals and fluffy monster.

Yesterday was tough for a couple of reasons:

1.  Put Spin handlebars down and saddle up to attempt recommended new position.  It felt strange and I couldn’t work as hard, but as yet no lower back pain, so will continue with it.  See attached photo for Spin outfit.

2.  Ventured to hairdresser for the first time since having all hair cut off during chemotherapy two and a half years ago.  It felt horrible to be back there: remembering how distressed I was then. Had a little cry to hairdresser about it, but she was very kind.  Hair is still long, just now the split ends are gone and there is a bit more shaping around my face.  So, hair looks better now.  And survived visit to the salon.

The panther lies next to me, resting his huge head on my shoulder, breathing into my face.  His breath smells of rotting meat.  Had better get up, out of the house and on with the day.  

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2003.  By Ellen Byerrum.  Book 1 in the “Crime of Fashion” murder mystery series.

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