I’m Still Standing*

It’s raining so am not going to walk up to the cows.  Am huddled under my furry blanket on the sofa watching the showjumping with the panther.  The weather has turned cold: 17 degrees.

Canada’s Eric Lamaze joins the list of clear rounds – thirteen of them – to go into the jump-off which will take place at 5.30pm.  It’s 3.50pm now.   Nick Skelton and Ben Maher will both be competing for Team GB.  Go Nick and Ben!

So, whilst we’re waiting for more showjumping, let’s have a list of today’s achievements:

1.  After a couple of tries of my new saddle and handlebar heights, am getting used to them.  See today’s effort graph:

Average 75% effort, which is good, and am in the 80s for plenty of the ride.  So am pleased with self for coping with this change.  Outfit photo is attached.  The slogan on new top reads Pain is temporality.  Gain is forever.  Presumably it means “Pain is temporary. Gain is forever.”  Possibly is translated from Portuguese as it’s made by a Brazilian company “Carioca Fit”: 


This fits in nicely with the current Rio Olympics.  Think my other slogan gym tops are also made by this company.  Purchase them from my Spin studio.  Attached outfit photo is with The Boss at Spin this morning.

2.  Make and consume The Omelette for lunch.

3.  Wash hair and self.

4.  Apply base coat to nails.  Will paint nails during the conclusion of the showjumping.

5.  Have just snapped this portrait of the fluffy monster, who’s resting inside due to the rain:

He must be the most beautiful person in the world.  Just look at that mane and that luxuriant orange pelt.  He has been a bit ill with cystitis so we have to encourage him to drink water:

Dirty-watering-can-water is his favourite kind.

6.  Have washed up my frying pan, the chopping board and so on, rather than leaving them in the sink.

7.  Don’t manage to sleep this afternoon but do my Body Scan meditation twice.

8.  Having a Bad Seb Day where am missing him and crying a lot, but have still achieved all the things on this list.

9.  Just watching the Bronze Medal Match in the Women’s Hockey between Germany and New Zealand.  It’s 0 – 0 so far at the end of the second quarter…

10.  Haven’t made much mess whilst Mum’s been out at her U3A quiz, so maybe she’ll be pleased with me on her return.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2012.  By Fabrice Muamba.  Autobiography of the footballer who suffered a cardiac arrest in the FA cup quarterfinal between his team Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur in 2012.  Also the 1983 Elton John song (lyrics by Bernie Taupin) which The Boss played in this morning’s Spin class.

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