Canoe Lake*

“Take an umbrella,” Mum says, when I set out for the cows this afternoon.  It’s 19 degrees: I’m wearing leggings, boots and a sweater.  The sky threatens rain.

“I’m not taking an umbrella,” I say.  “May I borrow a light coat?”

“This one?” Mum says, handing me a navy anorak with a hood.

“Yes, that’s perfect,” I say, taking off my sweater and putting the coat on over the secret support vest top in which I’ve been sleeping.

When I reach the cows they’re lying down, expecting rain no doubt:

Make it there and back without the heavens opening, so that’s good.

Have just settled down with Mum to watch some Olympics.  Mum is working on The Times crossword.  The panther lies between us on the sofa, grooming himself.  He rasps his flank with his rough tongue.  The fluffy monster is already in for the evening and has settled under the sofa.

Other achievements of the day include: 

1.  Push self hard at Spin today: average 80% effort my device tells me:

Outfit photo is attached.

2.  “Have you put the sweet peas in the blog yet?” Mum says.

“Not yet,” I say.

So here they are:

3.  The other sunflowers are now in bloom, so here’s one of them too:

4.  Have washed hair and self.

5.  We have acquired a wild mushroom selection at the farmers’ market, so will cook them this evening.

8.  Do the Body Scan and have a small sleep.

9.  Watch Liam Heath win Gold in the canoe sprint earlier.  Amazingly well done Liam!

We’re really upset that Tom Daley has failed to make the 10m Platform Diving final and have just watched a heartbreaking interview with him.  Sport, like life, is cruel.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2002.  By Roy MacGregor.  Mystery novel.

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