Dead Beat*

Have been sleeping all afternoon.  Now am watching some Olympics with parentals and the panther.  It’s Denmark and France playing a team game with a big soft yellow ball.  It’s called Handball.  So far the gold medal match score is France 13 Denmark 12 after 25 minutes and 15 seconds of the first half.

Note new wooden bars in front of me in the Spin outfit photo: that’s the new barre that’s been installed for barre Pilates.

1.  Push self hard at Spin this morning.  Show you:

2.  Here are some of Mum’s fuchsias this morning:

Aren’t they beautiful.

3.  We’re getting to the end of the Olympics, but it’s been fab.  Thank you Rio.  It’s certainly taken my mind off my problems a bit.  And we’re still second in the medal table.  Team GB: you’ve been brilliant: 66 medals.  Best ever: better than in London and in Beijing.  And it’s all been so pretty: particularly the Lagoa Stadium where the rowing and canoeing has taken place.  Personal highlights have been Gold for Charlotte and Valegro in the Dressage, and Gold for Nick Skelton and Big Star in the Showjumping.  But there’ve been so many other highlights…

4.  “Don’t feel well,” I say to Mum when I surface at 6pm, after a long afternoon sleep.

“Of course you don’t.  It’s Sunday evening,” Mum says, laughing.

Oh yes.  It’s The Office tomorrow. Never feel well on a Sunday evening…

Mum is sitting next to me reading a book.  The panther lies between us on the sofa.  He rests his head on my thighs.  Stroking his soft head, I look at the television.

Denmark go 15 – 14 up in the Handball.  

5.  Have washed hair and self.

6.  We’ve watched Mo winning his medals from last night a couple of times today.  We love you Mo!  “Come on Mo!” We shout at the screen as they show us the replay again.  The double-double.  He truly is an inspiration.  “I can’t believe I did it.  I did it,” Mo says.

7. Here’s a snatched snap of the fluffy monster sleeping under the piano:

He’s just woken up and stalked off in search of supper.

Happy 30th birthday Usain Bolt!

Had better help Mum get supper ready.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1992.  By Val McDermid.  Book 1 in the Private Investigator Kate Brannigan mystery series.  

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