Last Orders*

1.  Make it to the gym for training at 9am – see attached photo.

2.  Push self hard at training – hardly rest between sets of weights and we squeeze in a lot of different exercises so trainer is pleased with me.  It’s my last training session before the operation, and have no idea how long the recovery period will be before can return to the gym.

3.  Make and consume The Omelette at lunchtime – today’s one contains mushrooms and cauliflower.

4.  And watch another episode of Peaky Blinders.

5.  Unload the washing machine with brother’s help and hang everything up on the airer.

6.  Unload dishwasher and put away cutlery, crockery and glasses.

7.  Do Body Scan meditation.

8.  Achieve afternoon sleep.

9.  Drink big glass of lemon squash.

10.  Am sitting up in bed in the flat.  The panther sprawls across the bed next to me.  Stroking his soft head, I listen to a plane fly overhead.  It is quiet and peaceful here.  This is my last day at the flat before returning to parentals tomorrow to prepare for going into hospital early on Tuesday morning – at seven o’clock a.m, if I remember rightly from last time.

11.  Had better wash self.

12.  And water the garden.

13.  Have filled the fat ball feeder but must fill the other bird feeders and the birds’ water.

14.  It is sunny: can see blue sky through my net curtains.

15.  Next time return to the flat, will be a different person, post-operation.

16.  Tomorrow will see my fluffy monster and cuddle him all over.

Happy Thursday everyone! 
*1996.  By Graham Swift.  Booker-Prize-winning novel.  Literary fiction.


  1. SharaLee Reads · August 25, 2016

    All my love and best of luck in this operation. You are an inspiration and a beacon of hope. God bless you. 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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