The Dead Zone*


1.  Terrible headache.

2.  Muscle pains in arms from weights earlier in the week – so that’s good.

3.  Pain at site of expander port just above ribs – not good, but soon – on Tuesday – the expander and its troublesome port will be gone forever.

Push self hard at Spin this morning.  Show you my effort graph: 

It shows an average of 79% effort, but it’s mainly in the 80% range – the yellow section.  It’s just the messing about before class starts that brings the average effort level down.  Anyway: this morning’s class is a tough fifty minute one, to prepare us for the two hour Bank Holiday Special tomorrow.  So am looking forward to that.  Today’s Spin outfit photo is attached.

Dad is dozing in his chair.  Mum sits near me on the sofa, reading The Sunday Times Style section.  The fluffy monster lies on the carpet behind us.  Here he is:

The panther lies on the sofa next to me.  He is grooming himself: rasping his flank with his rough tongue.

Had better go and make The Omelette: the parentals are going out this evening and leaving me to fend for myself.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1979.  By Stephen King.  Supernatural thriller with a headache theme…

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