A Minor Operation*

Seem to have survived The Operation.  Am sitting up in my hospital bed.  On pressing a button, the back of the bed cranks up to a vertical position.  So, am comfortable.  The panther sprawls across my legs.  Everything else in the room is white, except him: white walls, white sheets, white window frames and even a white ceiling.  It is calm and peaceful here.  My fan is on, blowing a gentle breeze through the panther’s fur.  Stroking the soft back of his neck, I sip my water.

The television appears to have hundreds of channels, but despite this, all can find to watch is:

  • Yes, Minister – watching this now.
  • Top Gear
  • Frasier – watch this all morning.
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – have just caught The Naval Treaty.
  • Come Dine With Me – have watched a few episodes.
  • Wild Wales – a series about – you guessed it – the wildlife to be found in Wales, presented by Iolo Williams.  Just waiting for this to come on after Yes, Minister.


1.  Tummy pains – from constipation due to the morphine.

2.  Bits of pain around chest where expanders have been exchanged for implants.

The morphine and tramadol are keeping the pain down though, which is good.

Have just done my Body Scan and tried, and failed to sleep.

Have two drains: one on each side, so the bottles sit in plastic bags on the floor at either side of my bed.

Will write more tomorrow.  Am very sleepy.

The attached photo is the brave fluffy monster at the veterinary hospital the other day.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1937.  By Alfred Walter Stewart writing as J.J. Connington.  Murder mystery novel.

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