Night Of The Jaguar*

1.  Have just walked up to the cows with Mum:

It’s a long walk when one has just been released from hospital: 45 minutes there and back.  The panther seems pleased to get out though: staring at the calves and licking his lips.

2.  Small walk around the block this morning on own – about 15 minutes.

3.  Now it’s time for the fluffy monster’s medicine.

4.  Mum has just helped me have a wash.  Undoing the gusset of my special garment, I wash bottom, arms and legs with a flannel and then get out of the bath.  Am not allowed to remove special garment for a week: just have to wash around it.

5.  Is nice to be wearing clean top and knickers and have just had some more painkillers.  A lot of pain at sites where drains have been removed unfortunately.

6.  Watch Victoria last night.  It’s excellent so far: Rufus Sewell is great as “Lord Melbourne” and Jenna Coleman delightful as the young queen.

7.  Achieve Body Scan meditation after lunch.

8.  And afternoon sleep.

9.  Have also been watching Wild Brazil which follows three families of ring-tailed coatis, giant otters and capuchin monkeys.  Is very good.  The jaguars keep trying to eat everyone:  the giant otter family succeed in scaring them away.  The panther stares at the screen: he seems fascinated to see the jaguars who look just like him.

10.  Brother has just arrived so had better cuddle him.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2014.  By Joe Gannon.  Detective novel starring Police Captain Ajax Montoya, set in Nicaragua in 1986.

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