Now, Voyager*

Happy 3rd Birthday to the fluffy monster!  He has just come in, posed for a birthday photo (see attached) and then wandered off in the rain.  

Mum has just gone out in the rain and called him in.  Holding him in my lap, opening his mouth with my thumb, Mum squirts his medicine down his throat.  He’s such a good boy.

This morning was my long walk up to the cows with brother.  They were right at the back of the far field and we ended up on quite a trek.  Here they are:

Have lunch, do the Body Scan and sleep.  Have read 100 pages of Jilly Cooper’s Mount – which isn’t bad going considering all the drugs I’m on.  We also watched Now, Voyager – which definitely recommend.  It’s a fascinating film.

Have just been for second, shorter walk with Mum, round the block.  We encounter this topiary tree down the other end of our road:

“It just turned up one day, on a lorry, already shaped like that,” Mum says.

The rain is pouring now.  The parentals have gone to the Village Horticultural Show.  Mum has entered some fuchsias – let’s hope she wins.  The panther lies on the sofa next to me, resting his head on his paws.  He stares at the tapirs with his huge amber eyes.  Bet he’d like to eat them.

The fluffy monster has eaten his supper and saunters down the house towards the back door.  It’s closed, but he disappears.  Looking all round the house, in all his usual hiding places, I can’t find him anywhere.  Wandering around the house calling him for ten minutes, finally I track him down in my brother’s wardrobe.  Now he’s sitting on top of the piano.  Happy 3rd Birthday to the master of disappearance.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1942.  Feature film.  Screenplay by Casey Robinson from the novel by Olive Higgins Prouty.  Directed by Irving Rapper.  Starring Bette Davis, Paul Henreid, Claude Rains and Gladys Cooper.  Drama, romance film.

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