Murder At The House Of Rooster Happiness*

Sitting on the terrace with Dad and the panther, but have moved into the shade to achieve a better wifi signal.  Mum is watering the sunflowers.  

Today’s achievements include:

1.  Walk up to the cows (45 minutes).  Here they are:

2.  Trip with Mum to the garden centre to buy pansies.  We meet Roger the Rooster (see attached photo) and these cyclamen:

3.  Trip to buy diary and Akita calendar.  Show you:

4.  Body Scan meditation and long (2 hour) afternoon sleep.

5.  Double walk around the block (30 minutes).

Am looking forward to returning to Spin in a mere two days.

The panther stretches out over the terrace, cleaning his bottom: one leg thrown behind his head.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2016.  By David Casarett.  An Ethical Chiang Mai Detective Agency novel.

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