The Starlight Barking*

It’s 4.31pm.  Mum has just returned home and we’re sitting on the terrace, soaking up the remains of the sunshine.  The fluffy monster was here with us, but as I crawl along the ground to snap a photo of him, he saunters off into the hedge and has now disappeared.  

The panther lies on the floor at my feet, head resting on his front paws, eyes closed.  Every so often he twitches an ear.  Perhaps he’s dreaming.

A blue tit perches on the fat ball feeder, pecking at a fat ball, head bobbing up and down.

Mum is reading Times 2 and eating vegetable soup out of a cup with a spoon.  Two doors away, a dog starts barking and other dogs further away join in in response.  Wonder what they are telling each other.  A helicopter roars as it passes overhead.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Push self hard at Spin – see attached outfit photo.

2.  Wash self and Spin clothes and hang them outside to dry in the sunshine.

3.  Watch The Abbey Grange with Dad.

4.  Walk to the village and back with Dad – 40 minutes.

5.  Do Body Scan meditation a couple of times and rest but can’t sleep.

6.  Walk double circuit of the block – 30 minutes.

Our pair of collared doves are sitting together on the top of the swinging bench.  They’re so pretty. Now a robin has landed on the fat ball feeder and pecks at a ball.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1967.  By Dodie Smith.  Sequel to The Hundred and One Dalmatians.  Children’s fiction novel.

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