The Adventure Of The Six Napoleons*

When I arrive at the cows, three of the calves are right up by the fence.  Show you:

I say hello to them.  By my side, the panther stares at them with amber eyes, no doubt thinking about how tasty they’d be.

It’s 17 degrees when we set off for the cows but the sun is strong and it feels warmer.  Am wearing my sleepwear and a fleece of Mum’s tied round my waist, in case I get cold.

Now am back in my bedroom.  The panther lies on the floor, dozing after our walk.  His eyes are closed and his head rests on his front paws.

Am drinking a Diet Coke with a slice of lime.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Work hard at Spin – see attached outfit photo.

2.  Wash self and Spin clothes and hang them outside to dry in the sunshine.

3.  Watch The Six Napoleons.

4.  Walk into the village with Dad after lunch to buy lemon squash and milk.  Carry them home: 40 minutes.

5.  Body Scan and rest but don’t sleep.

6.  Continue reading Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory.  Am enjoying it.

7.  Walk up to the cows and back – 40 minutes – as mentioned earlier.

8.  Watch the fluffy monster climb up and down a tree.  Clever fluffy monster.

Right: must bring clothes in from the garden and see if Mum needs any help making supper.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1904.  By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. One of thirteen stories in the cycle collected as The Return Of Sherlock Holmes.


  1. dmf2001 · September 23, 2016

    That panther is hanging around way too long 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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