The Murderer Is A Fox*

Really can’t be bothered to walk up to the cows, I think as I take the first few steps down the road.  Am wearing my pyjama bottoms, secret support pink vest top and a pink adidas zip-up sweater.  It’s been a gorgeous sunny day but now at 4.10pm the sky is grey.  Hauling myself down the road, zipping my sweater up, I trudge beside the panther.

Suddenly there’s a flash of orange: it’s a fox crossing the road in front of me.  Scampering across the road, he disappears into a nearby garden.  When I reach the garden I look for him but he’s vanished.  Still: that was worth leaving the house to see, I think.  Looking up, I see a flock of Canada geese fly overhead – long necks stretched out.

The cows are in the second field when I get there.  Here they are:

Other achievements of the day include:

1.  Work hard at Spin, averaging 80% effort.  Show you:

Spin outfit is in the attached photo.

2.  Wash self and Spin clothes and hang them out in the garden to dry.

3.  Double walk around the block: 30 minutes.

4.  Accompany Mum to the garden centre and then back to the farm to buy vegetables.

5.  “Show them the pond”, Mum says.  Here it is:

We’re expecting some dinosaurs to visit – that’s why there are horsetails for them to eat.

6.  Body Scan meditation but don’t sleep.

7.  Walk up to the cows and back – 40 minutes.

8.  Brush the fluffy monster, removing the grass seeds from his mane.

9.  Paint nails last night.  Show you:

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1945.  By Ellery Queen.  Mystery novel set in the imaginary town of Wrightsville, USA.

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