The Adventure Of The Three Gables*

Sitting under my furry blanket on the sofa.  It’s cold.  Mum comes to sit next to me, brandishing The Times crossword.  The panther stretches out between us, resting his head in my lap.  Dad sits in his chair and switches his reading light on.  It seems to be getting dark already at 6.11pm.  The nights are drawing in.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Push self hard at Spin: see attached graph.  Average effort 85% with periods in the 90s:

Spin outfit photo attached.  Note the full-length leggings for the first time this autumn (although remove them before starting the class).

2.  Wash self and Spin clothes and hang them in the garden to dry.

3.  Watch The Three Gables with Mum.

4.  Double walk around the block.  Dad joins me for the first circuit.

5.  Body Scan meditation and sleep.

6.  Walk into the village and back: 45 minutes or so.

7.  Feed the fluffy monster his supper and snatch a cuddle.

The parentals are going out tonight so am going to watch last night’s Victoria.  Am sad that it’s the final episode: have loved the series.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1926.  By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes story.

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