The Adventure Of The Copper Beeches*

Good things about Autumn:

1.  Tights: have four new pairs of these which are black sheer with hearts up the back seam:

2.  Boots: have ordered a pair of black fit flop boots to wear with all my fitness leggings.  And can wear all my knee-high boots with tights and dresses.

3.  Can stop shaving legs all the time.

4.  The leaves are starting to change from green to red, yellow and orange.  Like this:

5.  Conkers:

6.  Stewed apple.

7.  Root vegetables: swedes, carrots, parsnips.

8.  Roast chestnuts.

9.  Long-sleeved tops, coats, scarves and knitwear.

10.  Mr Fluffypants has his thick winter coat.

11.  Less pressure to be out enjoying self.  Can stay in, cuddling the fluffy monster.

12.  Autumnwatch and exciting Autumn television.

13.  Hot spiced drinks.

14.  Morning mists.

15.  Walking through crisp piles of leaves and kicking them.

16.  Log fires in pubs.

17.  Halloween, horror films, ghost stories.

18.  Bonfire night.

19.  Public transport not being unpleasantly hot.  Life itself not being too hot.

20.  Good films on at the cinema rather than summer blockbusters.

21.  Rutting stags and seal pups – see Autumnwatch.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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