Written In Blood*

The rain beats against the many windows of the parental home.  This house is mostly glass, so there is rain all around.  Have just made it home before the storm.  Am huddled under my furry blanket with the panther.  The sooner I finish writing this, the sooner can crack on with an episode of Midsomer Murders.

The parentals are out so am left to own devices.  And this wet, autumnal weather is perfect for a nice village murder or three.  Hope that fluffy monster will make it inside soon though otherwise will have to put a coat on and go out searching for him in the rain.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Push self hard at Spin.  Show you:

Average effort 83% with some in the 90s – the red sections.  Spin outfit photo is attached.

2.  Bike ride with Dad: 20 minutes. Our first one since Dad’s operation two months ago.

3.  Double walk around the block: 30 minutes.

4.  Wash self and Spin clothes and hang them on the edge of the bath to dry.

5.  Body Scan meditation and sleep.

6.  Walk into the village and back: 45 minutes.

7.  The fluffy monster has just come in – phew – so have given him his supper and closed the cat flap.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1994.  By Caroline Graham.  Book 4 in the Chief Inspector Barnaby series, televised as Midsomer Murders.

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