No Rest For The Dead*

It’s 4.49pm.  Am sitting up in bed at the flat.  Am exhausted, feel sick and have a bad headache.  The panther is stretched out next to me, resting his head on my shoulder.  His breath smells of rotting meat.  Need to unload the washing machine and then make The Omelette for supper.  Will do these things in a bit.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Push self hard at Spin.  Show you:

Average effort of 84% with some periods in the 90s.  Spin outfit is in the attached photo.

2.  Wash self and Spin clothes and hang them over the side of the bath to dry.

3.  Watch The Cardboard Box with Dad.

4.  Body Scan meditation and sleep.

5.  Put clothes in the washing machine.

Just this once, am not going for a walk.  Need to rest.  Will walk to the gym to see my trainer early tomorrow morning…

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2011.  Edited by Andrew Gulli.  Murder mystery novel co-written by 26 authors.

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