The Battle Lost And Won*

It’s a horrible grey day and it’s raining so can’t go out for a walk.  It’s 3.28pm.  Am sitting up in bed. The panther lies next to me, resting his head on my tummy.  Stroking the back of his head, I sip my hot-chocolate-and-coffee.  When Mum returns from playing bridge we can watch the last episode of The Moonstone.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Walk to and from phone repair shop, where the young man fixes my phone: 20 minutes.

2.  Walk to gym: 15 minutes.

3.  Lift weights.  The attached photo is my gym outfit.

4.  Can fit back into some of my old jeans!  Yay!  So wear my black velvet Made In Heaven jeans to return from gym to parentals.

5.  Photo taken today:

Leggings by Fit Boutique.

Boots by Fit Flop.

Top by Adidas.

6.  Body Scan meditation but don’t sleep.

Dad and the fluffy monster are in the living room.  Maybe will join them.  Or maybe will read book: am on Book 2 of The Levant Trilogy” by Olivia Manning: The Battle Lost And Won.  It’s set in Cairo and in the desert during El Alamein and is exciting and wonderfully written.  It’s a relief to slip away from the November rain to the heat of the Egyptian desert, without leaving my warm bed.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1978.  By Olivia Manning.  Book 2 in “The Levant Trilogy” which follows the further adventures of Guy and Harriet Pringle, now living in Cairo during the El Alamein offensive.  We also keep company with the young officer Simon Boulderstone who we met in the previous novel The Danger Tree.

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