The Wasp Factory*

  1. My new doctor is called Dr John Watson.  “I’m called John Watson so I had to be a Doctor,” he says yesterday.
  2. Am going to help him with his writing.
  3. The parental home is full of wasps.
  4. They are immune to any attempt to drug them.
  5. Am back at the flat.
  6. With a visitor.
  7. Tired.
  8. Push self hard at Spin today.
  9. Show you:
  10. Tired.
  11. Spin outfit in attached photo.
  12.  Miss Iain Banks still.
  13. It’s still sad.
  14. I named a Vole after him:    
  15. Can’t remember where this all started.
  16. Trying to arrange a Party with my chums.
  17. It’s impossible.
  18. Must be our age.
  19. Nearly suppertime.
  20. Will go and look in the fridge.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1984.  By Iain Banks.  Amazing debut novel.  Not sure of the genre?  There’s also a 2013 opera version!  

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