Everybody Knows*

  1.  It’s Sunday so must have early night.
  2. Closing time about 9pm I reckon.
  3.  CBA to KBO but The Office tomorrow and…
  4. Important Work to do…
  5. Spin graph:
  6. Spin outfit in attached photo.
  7. Tired.  Listening to Leonard Cohen.
  8. Nice and warm at flat though.
  9. In bed anyway.
  10. Make the Omelette for lunch.
  11. Watch a bit of Remembrance Day at the Cenotaph.
  12. On TV.
  13. Not actually outside.
  14. Am going to make supper soon.
  15. Have recorded the tennis.
  16. So tired.
  17. Cuddle the fluffy monster.  Here he is:
  18. Lots of fluffy cuddles earlier.
  19. Have to finish this now because hand is hurting.
  20. Bath time once have removed the airer full of tights.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1988.  By Leonard Cohen.  Song from the album I’m Your Man.

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