Closing Time*

“We’re closing in five minutes,” the nice lady says who is letting me sit here and write this.  Am in a bookshop.

Today’s Achievements:

  1. A day of Important Work at The Office.
  2. Wearing new boots – see attached photo.
  3. Fall off the bus on way to The Office and now have possible sprained ankle.  Ouch.
  4. Boots keep falling down so have attached them to tights using fabric sticky tape.  It doesn’t work that well but can’t find the Magic Dots or Magic Web in any chemist.
  5. Am writing this in a bookshop near The Office.
  6. Have new book:
  7. Is warm downstairs in bookshop and of course full of books.
  8. Maybe will sleep here.  Is convenient location for returning to The Office tomorrow.

The attached photo is today’s outfit.  

Dress by L’Onkel: 

Purchased from Myla Clare:

Boots from John Lewis:

Think they are Carvela or Kurt Geiger:

Right.  Have relocated to a cafe across the road.  Flat white is on its way.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1992.  By Leonard Cohen.  Song from the album The Future.

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