Wishful Drinking*

Wake up early and read Wishful Drinking.  It’s wonderful.  Cover it in post-its.  At seven o’clock, give the fluffy monster his breakfast.  Here he is, waiting to go out before sunrise:

Achievements of the day:

1.  Read the whole of Wishful Drinking.  Pleased with self for maintaining concentration throughout a whole book.

2.  Push self hard at Spin:

See attached outfit photo.

3.  Tidy bedroom.  Throw out some rubbish and clear the surfaces.

4.  Start reading Shockaholic at the bookshop.  Need to finish it before The Princess Diarist arrives.

5. Have a coffee with a friend at the bookshop.

6.  Listen to Leonard Cohen.

7.  Acquire new Minx toes:

8.  Catch some Pokemon in the village.

9.  Go shopping with Mum.

10.  Wash self.

Am looking forward to supper which will be spaghetti and then the rest of yesterday’s episode of Midsomer Murders which is set at a golf club.  And then back to bed.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2008.  By Carrie Fisher.  Autobiography.

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