Dance Me To The End Of Love*

Am lying on my bed in the flat writing this.  It’s so dark outside at 5.38pm that it may as well be midnight, and so cold that have put on the heating.

 Have been to the park to see the animals: a kookaburra came right up to the fence: as exaggerated as a cartoon with his white feathers, huge bill and big eyes.

The washing machine rumbles.  Soon will hang my clothes up to dry.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Work as hard as possible at Spin – show you my graph:

Spin outfit is in the attached photo.

2.  Photograph my fluffy monster and cuddle him:

3.  Tidy the drawers in my dressing table and throw out two bags of rubbish.

4.  Wash self and hair.

5.  Make lunch at the flat.

6.  Catch lots of Pokemon on walk around the park.

7.  Listen to Leonard Cohen.

8.  Tidy bedroom at the flat.  Am determined to keep on top of the mess.

9.  Missing my Seb as I always do every day.  It’s worse at the flat.  Leonard Cohen’s music and lyrics are helping me though: am mourning the end of my relationship and Leonard makes that feel better.  Wish he wasn’t dead though.  It does seem that he was a lovely person as well as a great genius.  He is such a sad loss to the world.

10.  Wonder if will ever go dancing again.  Probably not: would be too hot and can’t bear the thought of people being sweaty.

11.  Am looking forward to using new microwave.  It has a huge instruction manual.

12.  Maybe will watch my television.

13.  Looking forward to seeing my trainer tomorrow and to lifting some weights.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1984.  Song by Leonard Cohen from the 1984 album Various Positions.  

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