Taken At The Flood*

Sleep better last night, thank the lord.  Wake at 6.45am this morning and think have slept all night more or less from 9pm or so.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Push self hard at Spin.  See attached outfit photo.  Here is graph:

2.  Start rereading The Millstone by Margaret Drabble at the new bookshop.  It’s the set text for the book group.  Mustn’t forget Important Thoughts on it as book group not till next Tuesday.

3.  Am saving my criticism, ideas and theories for you until after the book group.   Apply lots of post-its to important sections.  Show you:

4.  Here I am in the Bookshop:

4.  A human chum arrives so we have coffee and afterwards she visits the fluffy monster.  He doesn’t get up to say hello.  It’s been a bad day for him: he’s been in since 1.30pm due to rain of biblical proportions.

5.  Catch some Pokémon in the village.  Get soaked and coat smells of wet dog.

6.  Am so tired again.

7.  Was at Bookshop all day, working.  Am glad concentration has returned enough to read a whole novel and am reluctant to put my mood stabiliser up.  We shall see.  Will speak to Dr Stein tomorrow.  These are powerful drugs and am exhausted.  Don’t want mood to crash.

Mum is going to stay in tonight and look after me.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1948.  By Agatha Christie.  Hercule Poirot detective novel.

Fit For Murder*

Can hear the sounds of the tennis in the living room from my bedroom.  Am writing this whilst in bed.  There are cheers, squeaks and thuds.  Can’t seem to concentrate in front of the tennis today.

Achievements of the day include:

1.  Push self hard at Spin – see attached outfit photo.  Here is graph:

2.  Cuddle the fluffy monster.  Here he is:

3.  Meet Hannah at the new bookshop for coffee.  It is wonderful to have a bookshop in the village.  Am very lucky.

4.  Walk home and catch some Pokemon.  Have a new buddy.  Look:

Jigglypuff has evolved into a Wigglytuff and lost his cute demeanour so decide that Growlithe is better – he’s just like my fluffy monster.

5.  Watch an episode of Midsomer Murders with Suzie whilst the parentals are out at a party.  It’s John Nettles’ last case as Inspector Barnaby and is set at a health farm.

6.  Have terrible tummy ache.

7.  Sleep badly last night.  Hope tonight is better.

8.  Wash self but don’t bother to wash Spin clothes.  Is too cold.

Right.  Have to return to support Andy in his match against Novak.  If Andy wins he retains the Number One ranking but if Novak wins he’ll snatch it back.  

Come on Andy!  He’s just won the first set…

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2011.  Episode of Midsomer Murders – the last one starring John Nettles as “Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby”.  Season 13 Episode 8.  Written by Andrew Payne.  Characters created by Caroline Graham.  Starring John Nettles, Jason Hughes, Jane Wymark and Laura Howard.

Two Sets To Murder*

“It really does look like work today for Andy,” the commentator says as Milos Raonic wins his service game to make it 1 – 1 in the second set.  We’re  watching Andy Murray’s match recorded earlier.  Raonic has taken the first set 7 – 5 and now it’s 1 – 1 to Andy in the second.  Come on Andy!

Achievements of the day:

1.  Wake up at 5.30am and spend some time with the fluffy monster before anyone else wakes up:

2.  Make it to see Dr Stein at 8am.

3.  He says that mood is too high and must raise the dose of the lurasidone and stay under parental house arrest all week.  So no Office.  Poor me.

4.  Work hard at Spin.  Show you my graph:

Spin outfit is in attached photo.  Have booked classes for every day this week now.

5.  Walk into the village and back with Mum and catch some Pokémon: 40 minutes.

6.  Write some Christmas cards and wrap up all the presents for my colleagues.

7.  Look up some addresses and write them on envelopes.

“He’s won twelve of the last fifteen points since losing his serve,” the commentator says.  Andy is now 3 – 2 up in the second set but it’s deuce on Raonic’s serve. Come on Andy!

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1963.  By Ludovic Peters.  Tennis murder mystery novel.


Am snuggled under my furry blanket on the parental sofa.  It is bitterly cold in the house.  The fluffy monster squeezes out from behind the television and saunters off through the house.

Mum sits next to me.  Dad dozes in his chair.

Have a terrible headache.  It’s dark outside at 4.50pm.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Work hard at training: see outfit photo.  We concentrate on chest exercises.

2.  Take parcels to the Post Office to return – those clothes that arrived that are horrible.  Am glad that they are on their way back to the company.  Find returning items stressful.

3.  Walk to gym and then to phone shop.

4.  Purchase phone case, screen protector and external battery for new phone.

5.  Cuddle the fluffy monster.

6.  Watch the end of Andy’s match against Stan.  Andy wins in straight sets and plays Milos Raonic at 2pm tomorrow in the semi-final.

Now need to paint my nails and maybe even have a bath.  Can’t wait to have an early night.  Not feeling well today.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2012. By Cynthia Townley.  Book 2 in the Detective Oliver Rousseau mystery series, set in New Orleans.

They Do It With Mirrors*

Watching The Crown with Mr Fluffypants.  There is a terrible fog over London in 1952. 

“To do nothing is the hardest job of all,” Queen Mary tells the young Queen Elizabeth.  We agree: as Mr Fluffypants sleeps and I write this.    

Now it’s the pomp and excitement of the coronation.  Recommend this series: it’s excellent – especially Alex Jennings as The Duke of Windsor and Jared Harris as King George VI.  Greg Wise is suave as Lord Mountbatten and Eileen Atkins wonderful as Queen Mary.

It’s dark outside at 4.47pm so we won’t be walking again.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Get up at 7am to make it here for 8.30pm.

2.  Walk Mr Fluffypants to meet a chum for lunch.  Here he is in the restaurant:

3.  Continue walk: 60 minutes.

4.  We survive a rainstorm.

5.  Dry Mr Fluffypants.  

6.  Catch some Pokemon.

7.  Continue watching The Crown.

A few more photos:

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1952.  By Agatha Christie.  Miss Marple detective novel.  

Night Comes On*

“Why is there no blog?” Mum says when she calls at 9.20pm.  

“Have been setting up new phone,” I say.  “It seems to be taking ages.”

“Dr Stein called and said that your new psychologist called and said that she was worried about you,” Mum says.  “What happened?  You seemed fine when I saw you this morning and…”

“I was upset because my phone committed suicide,” I say.  “And I know you worry if you don’t hear from me every day and she was asking me about Seb and that made me cry and…”

“Dr Stein says he can see you on Saturday,” Mum says.

“Had better book Spin for Saturday and Sunday then,” I say.

“What have you been doing all day?” Mum says.

“Had to go to the supermarket,” I say.  “And set up my new phone.  It’s taking ages and…”

“There’s someone very fluffy here who wants to see you,” Mum says.  

“I’ll see him on Friday,” I say.  “That seems ages away.  Miss him.”

Anyway, there have been some achievements of the day:

1.  Go shopping with Mum and acquire a handbag holder, glove and scarf organiser and belt rack.  So have been putting things on/ in these new devices.   This has made a bit of a mess in bedroom which must tidy up before bed.

2.  Cook something from my Deliciously Ella Every Day book: kale and cannellini bean stew.

3.  Do two loads of washing, including all the towels and bath mats and my big dressing gown.

4.  Unload dishwasher.

5.  Try on some clothes that ordered online.  Two items horrible so have wrapped them up to return.  Must take them to Post Office on Friday after Personal Training.  The third item is gorgeous and is in attached photo. The make is Nobody’s Child.

6.  Walk to and from new psychologist: 40 minutes or so each way.

7.  Catch some Pokemon and hatch some eggs.  One of them contains a tiger!  Look:

8.  Listen to some Leonard Cohen.

9.  Start watching the Andy vs Kei Nishikori match but decide to write blog in bed as am exhausted.

10.  Look at these leaves near the flat:

11.  Buy some food to take when visit Mr Fluffypants tomorrow.  Can’t wait to cuddle him.

Must go to bed now as have to be up at 7am or something ridiculous.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*Song by Leonard Cohen.  From the album Various Positions.


Hello dear reader.  Today’s blog is some questions that I asked my chums in a group about a party that we’re having:

The attached photo is the fluffy monster this morning.  Copyright Mum who took the photo.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1984.  Song by Leonard Cohen.  From the album Various Positions.

Closing Time*

“We’re closing in five minutes,” the nice lady says who is letting me sit here and write this.  Am in a bookshop.

Today’s Achievements:

  1. A day of Important Work at The Office.
  2. Wearing new boots – see attached photo.
  3. Fall off the bus on way to The Office and now have possible sprained ankle.  Ouch.
  4. Boots keep falling down so have attached them to tights using fabric sticky tape.  It doesn’t work that well but can’t find the Magic Dots or Magic Web in any chemist.
  5. Am writing this in a bookshop near The Office.
  6. Have new book:
  7. Is warm downstairs in bookshop and of course full of books.
  8. Maybe will sleep here.  Is convenient location for returning to The Office tomorrow.

The attached photo is today’s outfit.  

Dress by L’Onkel: http://www.lonkelshop.com 

Purchased from Myla Clare:


Boots from John Lewis: http://www.johnlewis.com

Think they are Carvela or Kurt Geiger:  


Right.  Have relocated to a cafe across the road.  Flat white is on its way.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1992.  By Leonard Cohen.  Song from the album The Future.

Everybody Knows*

  1.  It’s Sunday so must have early night.
  2. Closing time about 9pm I reckon.
  3.  CBA to KBO but The Office tomorrow and…
  4. Important Work to do…
  5. Spin graph:
  6. Spin outfit in attached photo.
  7. Tired.  Listening to Leonard Cohen.
  8. Nice and warm at flat though.
  9. In bed anyway.
  10. Make the Omelette for lunch.
  11. Watch a bit of Remembrance Day at the Cenotaph.
  12. On TV.
  13. Not actually outside.
  14. Am going to make supper soon.
  15. Have recorded the tennis.
  16. So tired.
  17. Cuddle the fluffy monster.  Here he is:
  18. Lots of fluffy cuddles earlier.
  19. Have to finish this now because hand is hurting.
  20. Bath time once have removed the airer full of tights.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1988.  By Leonard Cohen.  Song from the album I’m Your Man.

Nocturnal Animals*

  1.  Don’t miss Nocturnal Animals.  It’s brilliant.  Have just seen it.  Fantastic casting and performances: Amy Adams, Jake Gylenhaal, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Michael Shannon in the lead roles in particular.  Beautiful direction and tight screenplay by Tom Ford.  Compelling and seems to pass in a flash – no boring bits.
  2. Now am sorting out my tights drawer: throwing away any that are laddered to death; deciding which pairs to wash; pairing any stockings and hold-ups.  Note: if you leave tights in a drawer for a year they smell musty and will need washing.
  3. Will have Bath first.
  4. In warm flat.
  5. Returning to parental home at six o’clock – under forty minutes away – so must finish writing this before bath.
  6. The fluffy monster, 2 years ago today, is in attached photo.
  7. It’s so warm in the flat that am sleepy.
  8. Right: am going to bathe self and tights.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2016.  Screenplay by Tom Ford, based on the 1993 novel Tony and Susan by Austin Wright.  Directed by Tom Ford.  Starring Amy Adams, Jake Gylenhaal, Aaron Taylor Johnson and Michael Shannon.