Almost Like The Blues*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Sleep not too badly, considering: from nine o’clock last night till one in the morning and then from four till six thirty this morning.
  2. Chuck out Six Bags of rubbish: old almost-finished bottles of shampoo and conditioner; food magazines; sanitary towels and tampons – am menopausal now.  Dried-up nail polishes; broken hair bands; dead pens.  Flat looks much better.
  3. Clear the shelves in bedroom.
  4. Put away summer scarves.
  5. Walk to psychologist: 60 minutes.
  6. Hatch eggs and catch Pokemon.
  7. Talk to psychologist about Seb.
  8. Catch train to parentals.
  9. Visit Breast Care Clinic.
  10. Survive the boiling heat of the waiting room.
  11. Tell breast surgeon that would like to start biophosphonates to strengthen bones and, hopefully, to avoid bone mets.
  12. Agree a Plan with her and oncologist: new CT scan to see what cancer is up to, more blood tests as lymphocytes are low.
  13. Will have to see dentist as biophosphonates can cause necrosis in jaw.
  14. Let’s hope that don’t get this!
  15. So, am waiting for dental appointment just to check that jaw is alright at the moment.
  16. Dad drops me back at flat.
  17. Make pot of tea.
  18. Listen to Leonard Cohen.
  19. Put a wash on.
  20. Apply base coat to nails.
  21. Don’t want bone mets.  Obviously.

It’s been a stressful day.  Now am on bed at flat, writing this.  Soon will make a scrambled egg.

Hello to all new followers!  Hope you will enjoy reading this blog.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster, three years ago today.

Tomorrow will see Mr Fluffypants, cuddle him, walk him and finish watching The Crown with him.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2014. Song by Leonard Cohen from the 2014 album Popular Problems.

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