New Skin For The Old Ceremony*

Ah that’s better!  At last am home from a gruelling day at the coalface of The Office.  Am in bed listening to Leonard Cohen and drinking tea.  You can see my special teas in the above photo.

So, haven’t had a drink since 30th August and am going to allow self to be proud about that for a moment.  There have been a couple of slips, but just two meals when was out With People.

There are things that I miss: the ritual of making a cocktail; a gin and Slimline tonic at the end of a long day.  But most of the time don’t miss it at all.  And the Anxiety is so much better since stopping drinking.  Admittedly, am taking Clonazepam but still – don’t miss the twitching before could achieve a drink.  And also don’t miss:

  1. The dehydration.
  2. The vomiting.
  3. The headaches.
  4. Saying stupid things when drunk.
  5. Crying when drunk.

There’s probably more but am tired.

So, achievements of the day:

  1. Sleep terribly: only manage about four hours but get self up, dressed, out of house and to the bus stop.
  2. Do some Important Work.
  3. Catch lots of Pokemon and hatch an egg.
  4. Have a long walk at lunchtime: 60 minutes.
  5. Make it home.
  6. Change into sleepwear.
  7. Make a pot of tea.
  8. Now must unload washing machine and hang clothes on the airer.
  9. And make supper.  Probably scrambled egg, spinach and toast.
  10. Need to paint nails.
  11. And watch more Peep Show.
  12. Watched all of it with Seb but am enjoying revisiting it on own.
  13. Feel happy to be in warm, clean, tidy flat.
  14. Must achieve a good night of sleeping as have training tomorrow.
  15. Then walking a Newfoundland!  Excited!

Happy Monday everyone!
*1974.  Fourth studio album by Leonard Cohen.


  1. snakesinthegrass2014 · December 13, 2016

    My wife is basically through with drinking due to two anti-depressant meds she takes. She says she doesn’t miss it. I had been worried that my having a cocktail or glass of wine would make her desire having one (and I was prepared to stop for that reason), but she says she’s fine when I do– no urges or desires. I read her your post and she says to tell you “Solidarity, sister!”

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