Leaving The Table*

It’s 5.15pm.  Have just returned to the home of Mr Fluffypants.  We’ve been out walking all day, since ten o’clock this morning so now we’re exhausted.

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Arrive here at 8.30am this morning.
  2. Watch a couple of episodes of Peep Show.
  3. Walk from ten o’clock till midday when we meet a human chum for lunch at the pub.
  4. Walk from two o’clock till 5.15pm.  
  5. Catch lots of Pokémon and hatch a couple of eggs.
  6. Now Mr Fluffypants is resting and am listening to Leonard Cohen and writing this whilst drinking green tea.

Here are some more photos of us.  Love this pooch so much, even though have been unfaithful to him with the Newfoundland.  Look how amazing he is:

On my return to the flat need to:

  1. Cook and eat my artichoke.
  2. Run dishwasher.
  3. Put away clothes that are on the airer.
  4. Have a bath.
  5. Am managing to keep a clean and fragrant home at the moment so will continue tidying up.  Pleased with self for keeping on top of this.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2016.  Song by Leonard Cohen from the 2016 album You Want It Darker.

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