The Years Between*

Just arrived back at the flat.  Have been Out Walking and Eating Lunch with a group of human chums.  It’s our twenty year anniversary of being friends.  Don’t know where the time has gone.  Here we are:

Suzie picks me up from the flat and we meet at a pub.  Am Not Drinking so have a coffee.  Then we walk for two hours.  We pass Daphne Du Maurier’s house:

On the walk, bump into a University chum.

“Hello,” I say, and give him a hug. “Haven’t seen you since you visited me in the mental hospital – Suzie when was that?”

“We were twenty four,” Suzie says.

“Thirteen years ago then,” I say.  “How many of these are yours?” I ask him, gesturing towards a group of children.

“Oh, just two,” he says.

A schnauzer approaches.  

“I’m more of a dog person,” I say, stroking the schnauzer.

“Very wise,” my university chum says, laughing.  “He’s called Milo.  Belongs to my friend and…”

“Hello Milo,” I say.  “So I walk dogs now, professionally and are you still a barrister?”

“Yep,” he says.  My friend that is, not the dog.

“Lovely to see you after all these years,” I say.  “Are you living round here now or…”

“Yes, just over there,” he says, pointing to the direction in which we’re walking.

“Me too,” I say.

Eventually we arrive at the restaurant and order food.  Show you:

It is baked eggs with mushrooms.  Also have cabbage and broccoli with it and a couple of Diet Cokes.  We toast our twenty year friendship.

Get an Uber almost home and catch some Pokemon.

Now my artichoke is cooking.

Earlier, push self hard at Spin.  Show you my graph:

Now need to unload washing machine and make supper.

Tomorrow is Office and Office Christmas party.  Am going to have an early night and must not forget the Presents.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1944.  Play by Daphne Du Maurier.  First staged at The Opera House, Manchester.  In 1945 transferred to Wyndham’s Theatre starring Nora Swinburne and Clive Brook.  Directed by Irene Hentschel it ran for 617 performances.  Sixty years of neglect followed until it was revived by Caroline Smith at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond in 2007 starring Karen Ascoe and Mark Tandy.

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