Cat’s Eyewitness*

Am in The Office, powering through my Important Work.  Make it here On Time this morning and am just back from lunch break.  It seems to be getting dark already at 3.43pm.

Sleep OK last night but still feel exhausted.  Remember the Presents and manage not to fall off the bus and break them.  So at five o’clock or so the party begins.

Can’t wait to exchange presents and then to return home to watch Peep Show, listen to Leonard Cohen and sleep and sleep and sleep.  Have scans tomorrow: one of jaw at dentist and a CT scan at the hospital if they can find a doctor to inject the dye into my foot.

Must return to my Important Work after this cup of coffee.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster yesterday morning.  Love that pussycat.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2006.  By Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown.  The twelfth novel in the Mrs Murphy cozy cat mystery series.  Crime fiction.

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