The Favourite Game*

So, here we are: in the X-ray department playing our favourite game of waiting-in-hospital-of-death-and-cancer.  Just about to have injection in foot once they can find a doctor and then it’s CT scan time.  This one:

Injection must be in foot as can’t have it in either arm due to cancerous node clearance on both sides.  So must have the important dye injected into foot.  Waiting for a doctor who is meant to be here at two o’clock.  It’s now 2.18pm.

It’s a starvation scan so haven’t been allowed to eat since breakfast at nine o’clock this morning.  So am grumpy.

On the plus side:  look what have found in the book shop:

So can read them later.  Excited.

There is an assortment of people in the waiting room aged from about seventy upwards.  No-one would choose to spend the days so close to Christmas sitting outside the CT Scanner Suite.  It’s freezing in there: am wearing my coat even in the corridor.  The machines have to be kept cold.  Dad is wearing his coat too but then he always wears a coat inside.

Doctor has been located.  He’ll inject dye into my foot once am on the scanner.  One more wee…

Right.  Back outside the CT Scanner suite.  Am in next.  It’s the scan where it feels that am wetting self but that doesn’t really happen.  Hungry and have headache.  

Have hygienist after this at dentist.  Dental checkup this morning and was meant to have X-ray to check there’s no necrosis in jaw for biophosphonates but they need a special scanner for that.  My dentist doesn’t have this equipment.  So mouth x-ray will have to wait until can get appointment for special scan.

On the plus side: jaw seems fine and dentist pleased with me.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1963.  Leonard Cohen’s debut novel.


  1. chainbreakercorporation · December 24, 2016

    You are very brave for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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