Villanelle For Our Time*

In the Bookshop, drinking green tea, charging phone and listening to Leonard Cohen’s album Dear Heather.  Have just purchased Birds: The Art Of Ornithology for Mum for her birthday but will give it to her now in case 2016 kills either/ both of us…

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Sleep right through the night, not waking till 8.30am.
  2. Make porridge and eat it.
  3. Walk to gym.
  4. Lift heavy weights at gym.
  5. Catch Pokemon and hatch eggs.
  6. Walk home.
  7. Make and consume scrambled eggs with broccoli and mushrooms.
  8. Find suitcase.
  9. And rucksack.
  10. Start packing:
  11. Am visiting MadFatRunner for a week tomorrow.  Yay!
  12. Finish packing.
  13. Wash self and hair.
  14. Tidy flat.
  15. Dad picks me up and drops me at the Bookshop.
  16. Write this.


  1. Toe: drop suitcase on it earlier.
  2. Headache: drop top of bed on head whilst searching under it for rucksack.
  3. Thighs:  from walking.
  4. Tummy ache: from broccoli overdose.
  5. Arms: from lifting weights at gym:

The wren of anxiety flies down my throats and flutters in my stomach.  Parentals are giving me a lift some of the way tomorrow but then will be subject to the vagaries of the rail network.  Fingers crossed for smooth running of trains tomorrow!

The attached photo is today’s gym outfit.  The puma is eyeing up the sheep for her lunch…

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2004.  Song by Leonard Cohen from the 2004 album Dear Heather.

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