Dropped Dead Stitch*

Yesterday we go to see MadFatRunner’s chum who is a top knitting person.  She shows me how to knit again.  Look at my knitting:

At last have a grown-up hobby that can occupy hands with so am not fiddling with phone all the time.  Massive thank you to MadFatRunner and to her lovely friend for bringing Knitting back into my life.

This beautiful Ragamuffin is her cat:

Just had to break off writing to knit another row.  It can be my new addiction.

“It’s a form of meditation,” MadFatRunner says, knitting a purple square.  She’s making a blanket for orphaned kittens.  “The problem with those other craft things you do is how much mess they make.  With knitting you just pick it up, do some, then put it down and it’s tidy and it looks good and…”

“Feel like a normal adult with a hobby,” I say, turning my knitting round to start the next row.

So here’s to a year of Knitting.  Today we’re all going to the wool shop: MadFatRunner, her lovely expert-knitting-chum and me.  Am allergic to actual wool so will purchase some balls of acrylic ones in pretty colours and some needles and then can knit on way home on train tomorrow.

Am achieving goal of becoming elderly knitting spinster – Miss Marple in fact.

It’s 6.56am and have fed the three cats and now am listening to ABBA’s Live At Wembley Arena.  Fernando is playing which is my song with MadFatRunner – we sing it together.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2009.  By Maggie Sefton.  Book 7 in the Knitting Mystery series.  Cozy crime fiction novel.  Pattern and recipe included…

One comment

  1. dmf2001 · January 3, 2017

    heh heh, less of the elderly bit. I officially join their ranks in a couple of hours. oh yes, and must get the knitting needles out again…

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