Needled To Death*

First day back at Spin is tough but fun.  Show you my graph:

You can see Spin outfit above and in the attached photo.  One of my chums gives me a lift to the village, where meet Dad in the Bookshop so can show him how to work my old iPhone.  We make some progress.  Then we walk home.  

Turning into my road, spot the  fluffy monster striding down the street.  Picking him up, realise that his paws are covered in mud from the building site which he smears all over my white coat.  Now he’s sleeping on the piano stool, no doubt exhausted from the day’s adventures.

Have spent the rest of the day listening to ABBA and Leonard Cohen in bed whilst knitting.  Look:

Tomorrow after Spin Mum is taking me to a local wool shop to buy something in which to transport knitting.  Have been using an unused dog poo bag which isn’t that glamorous.  Excited to visit wool shop and to see what they have there.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2005.  By Maggie Sefton.  A Kelly Flynn murder mystery set on an alpaca farm.  Book 2 in the Knitting Mystery series of cozy crime fiction novels.  

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