Gateway To Trouble*

Have a Superhero party to attend this evening.  So far all have done is apply false nails.  Show you:

Am going to be She-Ra.  Costume is this:

And this wig:

Really need to wash and dress.  Lily’s husband is driving us there which is very kind of him.

Knitting is near-impossible in false nails sadly.

Push self hard at Spin this morning after a week off, which is too long.  It feels tough.  Spin outfit attached.  Here is graph:

Here’s the fluffy monster with a Mum earlier today:

Purchase some tiny China dinosaurs for Mum in the charity shop.  Show you:

Right must now:

  1. Have bath.
  2. Dress.
  3. Apply make-up
  4. Find boots to go under god boot covers.
  5. Fix headdress by attaching straws behind the winged side bits to make them stand up.
  6. Have snack.
  7. And Diet Coke.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1985.  Episode of She-Ra: Princess Of Power.  Written by J. Michael Straczinski.  Directed by Steve Clark.  Stars Melendy Britt as She-Ra.

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