In The Fog*

Have had a frustrating day: had to wait for the bus for twenty minutes in the freezing fog this morning and then later had to spend an hour in the bank on business.

On the plus side:

  1. Do some Important Work.
  2. And some knitting on the bus.
  3. Catch a Lapras in the wild.  Show you him:
  4. Make it home.
  5. Now am watching Jo Konta’s match which already know that she’s won.  She plays Serena next which will be exciting.
  6. Winterwatch starts tonight so will record it as it’s not till eight o’clock.
  7. Am going to bed straight after watching this match.
  8. Tomorrow have my trainer and my Newfoundland client.
  9. Need to unload the washing machine and hang up the clothes on the airer.
  10. Have terrible tummy ache.
  11. As well as being a cracking player, Jo is so lovely – she just said “it’s an incredible honour to get to play Serena.”
  12. Looking forward to cuddling my giant dog chum tomorrow.  Will miss Mr Fluffypants though.
  13. And to lifting some Heavy Weights.
  14. And to having a restful morning: training isn’t till midday.
  15. Here are some trees in the fog and resting rooks this morning:
  16. The attached photo is a Buick that was parked near The Office when was on my lunch break.
  17. Am going to bed to knit and to listen to Leonard Cohen.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2015.  By John Meany.  Murder mystery novel set in Oregon.

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