Apple Tree Yard*

Have had a Bad Seb Day today: the first one for a while.  Maybe it’s the fact that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what would be our second anniversary on February 20th. 

Also in recent weeks Tuesday has been my day with Mr Fluffypants and now I don’t have my Tuesdays with him anymore since his owner had started working from home.  This is of course good for Mr Fluffypants and for his owner who has long been attempting to arrange his life so he can work from home and be with his own pooch all day.  It’s difficult for me though.  Miss that fluffy person so much.

Love my Newfoundland client but am still just getting to know her.  She’s not a close friend in the way that Mr Fluffypants is.  She rugby-tackles me from behind this morning which of course she’s not meant to do.  Am meant to turn my back to her and fold my arms if she jumps up but that’s easier said than done with about fifteen stone of giant dog hurling themselves on top of you.  An excited Newfoundland is quite a powerful force!

We have a nice walk though in the sunshine: we’re lucky with the weather – no fog and bright sunshine.

Here are some photos.  She is getting better at posing with me:

Arrive home feeling sad about Seb and exhausted as walk all the way to the pooch’s house (seventy five minutes) as well as an hour walking with her.

Watch Roger playing Mischa Zverev and am calmed almost instantly by witnessing the well-oiled Federer machine in action.  Treasure every time we get to watch him.  He makes tennis into an art with every stroke, every placement of the ball, every smooth movement of his body.  We’re so lucky to be able to observe him – still – surely – close to the height of his powers after all these years.  Fingers crossed for another Australian Open title for him.

Watch Trainspotting this morning to remind self of it in preparation for the sequel and it’s still good: has lasted well.  The acting is superb and the script very tight and funny: it doesn’t seem to clank or to show its age.  Saw it when it came out in 1997 but haven’t seen it in the intervening twenty years.  Am excited to see the new one – not least because it’s being produced by an old school friend!

The attached photo is an up to date one of my knitting.  Do some in front of last night’s Winterwatch this morning.  Also catch up on episode one of Apple Tree Yard which am enjoying.  Emily Watson is as watchable as always as a middle-aged scientist having an affair.  It’s had mixed reviews but am definitely sticking with it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2013.  Murder mystery novel by Louise Doughty.  Adapted for television in 2017 by Louise Doughty and Amanda Coe.  Directed by Jessica Hobbs.  Starring Wendy Albiston, Greg Bennett, Kezia Burrows and Jack Hamilton.  We haven’t met any of those characters yet in Episode 1, which deals with Emily Watson becoming embroiled in an affair with Ben Chaplin…


  1. Tara · January 24, 2017

    That dog is HUGE! You did well to get back up again. Sorry you’re having a bad Seb day. I hope tomorrow is better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • waternymph88 · January 24, 2017

      Thank you darling. She is quite a large person but very sweet and only a baby really – she’s just two…xxx


  2. Jackie Lefton · January 25, 2017

    Cordelia that dog is both huge and gorgeous. You will grow to love her I’m sure. Missed seeing you at spin. Move now over so will try and get back into the routine xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • waternymph88 · January 25, 2017

      Have missed you too! I do love her but I just have a very special bond with Mr Fluffypants…xxx


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