Gimme More*

So, the relationship with New Boy was valuable because:

  1. It showed me that can have a relationship with someone who isn’t Seb and I don’t have to die alone and be eaten by the Fluffy Monster.
  2. Am not a necrophiliac serial killer – things could be worse.
  3. There are plenty more boys – something I used to tell my first boyfriend whenever we argued.  Before he broke up with me for being too demanding or whatever – can’t even remember now why he broke up with me – it was seventeen years ago.
  4. It was nice to be fancied by someone who was young and enthusiastic.
  5. And didn’t want to be celibate.
  6. Or a monk.
  7. As my best blogging friend Back In Stilletos says “I choose love.”
  8. There will be more love.
  9. Am making sure of this – dragging self back to Tinder.
  10. There are always more boys in the street too.
  11. Even if never have another relationship, still have my fluffy monster.
  12. And knitting.
  13. And Spin.
  14. And weights.
  15. New Boy wasn’t my usual type so maybe that is progress?
  16. And Well Done Me for attracting a 23 year old.
  17. He has inspired me to write lots of poems.
  18. Or maybe that is due to listening to so much Leonard Cohen.
  19. Whatever the reason am pleased with my new found drive to produce poetry.
  20. Some of the poems are quite good.
  21. Not deterred by the rejection of the first couple, submitted two more poems to the website run by my old Creative Writing MA.
  22. A male chum has consented to view Fifty Shades Darker with me on V Day!
  23. Have booked seats at my favourite cinema.
  24. Excited!

Push self hard today at Spin today. Here is graph:

Here is the most gorgeous person in the world:

Am going to see if he is up for a cuddle when have written this.  Am enjoying listening to Britney’s Blackout album for the first time in a while.  Love Britney.

The attached photo is Spin outfit with The Boss and today’s instructor.

Tomorrow is first walk with new Flat Coated Retriever client.  Excited!

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2007.  Song by Britney Spears.  Appears on her brilliant 2007 album Blackout.


  1. L. Rorschach · February 9, 2017

    I LOVE this list! ❤ xxx Yes, we need to keep choosing love… and then chase it down. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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