The Murder On The Links*

The wifi has gone down again so will just do this on 4G – luckily have that – and then get on the phone to my internet provider.  Yawn.

Am not able to push self hard at Spin due to the cold and snow but do wear my double-leopard-print outfit, see attached photo.

Then back to the flat and to Mr Fluffypants for a walk.  He’ll always be my Best Dog Person.   Have said it before but will say it again: he’s a fluffy balm for the soul.  Just look at how amazing he is:

Now am back at the flat wrapped in my grey dressing gown pretending to be Mr Fluffypants ❤🐕❤.

So tired.  Tummy still upset.

Was meant to go out this afternoon but am in bed again.  Will do some knitting and have early night.  Weights tomorrow at gym.

Flat is tidy: cleaner has been.  Yay.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1923.  By Agatha Christie.  The second Hercule Poirot detective novel where a body is found on a golf course…


  1. Tara · February 12, 2017

    Are you with Talk Talk? Our internet is playing up.

    Liked by 1 person

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