For Your Eyes Only*

Sunday, and now there’s nothing

Urgent to be done –

The Winslow Boy recording,

Lily’s been for lunch.

We cleaned up

Straight afterwards.
Knitting still ongoing –

See photo above.

Papers strewn over my bed,

I sip lemon squash,

Listen to The Best Of Bond.
Thinking about a bath,

But we all know

I won’t bother –

Had one a couple of days ago

And that’s recent enough.
The flat is warm,

My dressing gown fluffy,

My thoughts filled with nothing.

It’s dark outside –

The night a velvet curtain.
Tummy’s still bad,

Got a bit of a headache:

Can’t wait for an early night.
Office tomorrow,

Must be on-the-ball,

And on time.
But for now –

All I have to do is relax,

Check Instagram,

Post this…

And then sleep.
Gym outfit attached.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1960.  By Ian Fleming.  James Bond novel.  The eponymous 1981 film stars Roger Moore as Bond and also Carole Bouquet, Topol and Lynn-Holly Johnson.  Directed by John Glen and written by Richard Maibaum and Michael G Wilson, it’s adapted from the Ian Fleming stories For Your Eyes Only and Risico.

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