The Bikini Murders*

Just a quick one as we’re off to see the NT Live screening of GBS’s Saint Joan which stars Gemma Arterton at the local cinema.  So have been sleeping all afternoon.

Push self quite hard at Spin.  See attached photo for Spin outfit.  Here is graph:

Someone is sleeping on the sofa in the hall.  Here he is:

Have done quick photo shoot for you in new bikini.  It’s Butterfly 🦋 by Matthew Williamson for Debenhams:

You can see it has sweet little tunic to go over the top.  Also there is a sarong – not shown.  And obviously will wear it with fit flops not heels.  We are going to visit brother in Abroad in April.  Also have a white-with-tropical-print bikini and a purple swimsuit with rainforest print from Marks and Spencer (to feature in a later post).

It is So Good not to have to bother with underwiring now fake boobs stand up on their own!  One of the very few benefits of having terminal cancer is my new silicone chest.

Had better get ready: we’re going out for dinner before the screening and am lying on bed in bikini listening to ABBA’s Super Trouper album.

Here are photos from the village this morning:

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2008.  By Farrukh Dhondy.  An Inspector Pradhan detective novel set in Kathmandu about notorious serial killer Johnson Thhat.


  1. Bridey · February 16, 2017

    “It is So Good not to have to bother with underwriting…” – I agree, I don’t like insurance either. I’m a bit puzzled as to its application in this scenario though, perhaps you used a couple of policy booklets?

    Liked by 1 person

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