They Do It With Mirrors*

It’s Love Your Pet Day today so here he is:

He has been out and I have been sleeping but we will have more cuddles later.  Love my fluffy monster today and every day of course.  Feel much better now am with him and the parentals.

Watch episode 1 of SS: GB when I wake up this morning.  It’s really good: taut, tense and atmospheric.  Sam Riley is excellent in – presumably – the leading role: a young policeman who falls into the orbit of the Resistance to our SS overlords.  For once, the music isn’t just not-irritating but adds something.  Will just see who wrote it.  Right: IMDB tells me that the composer is Dan Jones.  He’s done a good job.  The whole thing has a lovely period look too.  Excited for the rest of it.

Push self hard at gym earlier.  Here are a couple more photos:

Have been sleeping all afternoon.  Tired.  

Try taking all my biophosphonates at about 10am to see if it makes a difference to tummy.  Have upset tummy immediately after (at gym) but it’s been OK since then.

On the plus side: have booked Pet First Aid Course so soon will be able to do CPR on a budgie (probably) and have new dog client tomorrow after Spin.

Mum wants me to have a bath before Spin so had better post this.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1952.  By Agatha Christie.  Miss Marple detective novel.  Not one of Dame Agatha’s best works…

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