Hug My Soul*

Distracted at Spin by runny nose and phone going.  Thought it was something important and ran out to answer it, but it wasn’t.

Then lovely walk in the sunshine with this person:

He’s not as good at posing with me as Mr Fluffypants is, but we’re working on it.  Ask his owner if she really needs him because would like to keep him, but sadly she does.  Life is cruel.  Isn’t he a beautiful boy?

Then pop into Bookshop to arrange when am going in there for training – in a couple of weeks.

Have an afternoon sleep and do some knitting.  Then watch a David Attenborough programme following a family of cheetahs with Mum.  The fluffy monster is sleeping behind the sofa.

Have achieved Bath and now am writing this in bed whilst listening to Saint Etienne.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1994.  Single by Saint Etienne.  Written by Sarah Cracknell, Guy Batson and Johnny Male.  It’s the third single from the band’s 1994 Tiger Bay album.


  1. Scottie · February 24, 2017

    Get back to me I need to ask you something x

    Liked by 1 person

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