Murder In Waiting*

I thought being Grown Up

Would involve rushing around

A million things to do.

And yet – it’s mainly Waiting:

Waiting for people,

Waiting for trains,

Waiting for New Job to start,

Waiting for Bedtime,

Waiting for meals.
So, here I am –

Waiting –

For a visitor:

Lying on my bed,

Hair washed:

Deciding what to wear,

Listening to The Orb

Wrapped up in my 

New fluffy dressing gown.

Listening to the wind

Rustling through the leaves.
Went to the gym at eight o’clock:

Have been waiting for hours:

Have bashed out a book review,

Read The Sunday Times,

Even tidied up a bit…
Waiting for Spring:

My daffodils are in bud.
Waiting for lunch:

Hungry after the gym –

Have already consumed

A protein bar

And a pear.

Waiting for something good to happen

Waiting for the day to unfold

However it chooses.


Maybe will do some knitting

Whilst I wait.

The photos are today’s gym outfit.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1973.  By Mignon G Eberhart.  Crime fiction novel.

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