Change Of Heart*

So, I’ve told my boss that I’m leaving to work at the Bookshop.  She says they’re going to miss me and that I must stay in touch.  Am just scribbling this in a coffee shop: it’s been raining all day.

Feel sad because:

  1. Have been working there for so long, they’re like family to me.
  2. Will probably have to work much harder in new job.
  3. Goodbyes are sad.
  4. Maybe won’t be good at new job.
  5. Certainly won’t be able to get away without doing much work.
  6. Will miss this area of London which probably won’t visit much once am not working here.
  7. Will miss the lovely shops.
  8. Will miss the actors.
  9. Don’t really like change.
  10. Am scared that won’t be good at new job.

Tummy is bad today.  Am blaming the spinach that consumed at lunch.

The attached photo is some artichokes in the market.

Had better return to The Office and do some Important Work.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2008.  By Jodi Picoult.  Crime fiction novel.

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