Blue Murder*

Back at the flat where Dad has put up my fox picture for me.  He’s from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition and have just looked at the website but can’t discover who photographed him.  Isn’t he lovely though?

Was meant to go to a party tonight but am not up to it.  This is because have been at my Pet First Aid Course all day.  Now know how to give dogs and cats CPR, how to bandage wounds and what to do in the event of an adder bite – get pet straight to vet for some antivenom.  

In exciting news, adder numbers are increasing.  They are often to be found in long grass, where deer congregate and near water.  So avoid these areas when walking your dogs.  

We practised bandaging each other and it was all great fun: most of the other people are dog walkers and we spent break time showing each other pictures of our animals.  Here is my fluffy monster in case you’ve forgotten him:

Am now the proud owner of a Pet First Aid kit and soon will have a certificate too.  It’s the first time have been in a classroom for a while – really enjoyed self.

It is clean and tidy at the flat: cleaner has been – yay.

Am going to make some supper and watch Born To Kill?

The attached photo is a copy of The Leopard which spotted (heh) in the restaurant yesterday.  It’s a wonderful novel about Sicily and urge you to read it if you haven’t already done so.  It’s a classic.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2012.  By Emma Jameson.  Book 2 in the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series of crime fiction novels, set in Chelsea, London.

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