Sunny Afternoon*

Look what arrived in the post this morning from Made By Maggie.  Isn’t it beautiful.

Push self hard at Spin today.  Here is graph:

Then have lunch with the parentals, sit in the garden with Mum and the fluffy monster and have Bad Headache.

We go to Marks and Spencer to buy some underwear for Holiday and then return and do Body Scan meditation but can’t sleep.  Headache remains Severe.  Maybe is Brain Tumour?

Tonight the parentals are going out and am going to make card for Mother’s Day.  The fluffy monster is going to help.  We will also watch Midsomer Murders.

Have plenty of pairs of shorts for Holiday – can fit back into all of them now – and some new fit flops but need the scars all over legs to heal.  Also need not to look so pale, a barely-reanimated corpse.

Also must make sure that have enough wool for Knitting.  Presume that it will need to be packed in the case as maybe needles are banned from hand luggage.  This is a shame as flight would be good opportunity to streak ahead with knitting.  Must make sure that purchase the other Paul Bowles books to read as well.

It has been a sunny day here but cold.

Spin outfit is in the attached photo.

Happy Saturday everyone.
*1966.  Single by The Kinks.  Written by Ray Davies.  Later featured on the Face To Face album as well as being the title track for their 1967 compilation album.

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